Food Packaging Samples

Merging the best qualities of films and plastics, flexible packaging is a functional, versatile, and cost-effective solution that requires minimal production and materials. Various businesses are turning to flexible packaging solutions for several reasons, including their low cost, good product protection, great durability, and many other benefits. At Dalipco Tech., we offer flexible packaging solutions to meet your unique packaging needs.

When packaging their products, nutritional supplement companies focus on protecting against light, moisture/humidity, odors, and vapors, all of which can damage or degrade product quality. Two of the packaging design elements that are key to ensuring that products remain protected from these environmental factors are opacity and sealing quality. Together, these qualities ensure the product remains safe and dry.

While packaging materials are available in a wide range of designs and materials, flexible packaging is most commonly used for nutritional supplement products. Typical types employed include foil blisters and pouches.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Food Packaging Samples

Flexible packaging is any package whose shape changes easily, such as stand up pouches. The many benefits of flexible packaging make it a very popular packaging solution for many applications, especially food packaging samples. Key benefits of flexible packaging include:

Production Benefits

Flexible packaging uses considerably less material than rigid packaging options and requires less energy to produce. The production of flexible packaging is a more efficient process that generates fewer emissions, making it an environmentally friendly solution for food packaging samples.

Design Benefits

The easily molded design of flexible packaging offers a range of design opportunities that can help your product stand out among the competition. Whether you are creating a foil pouch or plastic bag for food packaging samples, the design benefits allow companies to create packaging that distinguishes their product from others.

Customization Benefits

In addition to the design benefits, companies enjoy greater customization options with flexible packaging. The major customization benefit is the ability to print high-quality logos and colors on product sample packaging. Using contemporary printing techniques, you can add almost anything to your flexible packaging. With greater design possibilities, companies can increase their brand awareness through their packaging samples.


The lightweight design of flexible packaging makes it easier for consumers to handle and takes up less pantry space. Flexible sample packaging also usually includes zip locks and resealable seals, making it simple for consumers to use. This convenient design also keeps the sample packaging out of landfills by allowing consumers to reuse the package multiple times before discarding or recycling it.

Flexible Packaging: Stand Up Pouches

  • Cost reduction. When making the switch to stand up pouches, you will see improved profit margins for your business. The flexible packaging design has reduced material costs compared to rigid alternatives. s
  • Structure and shape. Designed in many structures and shapes, flexible stand up pouches make the ideal solution for packaging samples and make the most of the brand’s retail shelf space.
  • Shelf Impact. Stand up pouches help brands stand out on the shelf with their high-quality printing capabilities and wide range of sizes and shapes. Since the largest printable surface stands up for the consumer to see, it increases brand awareness and catches consumers’ eyes easier than lay-down bags or smaller rigid containers.
  • Convenience. Stand up pouches add convenience to your packaging samples, which can be a deciding factor in a consumer’s purchase decision. From resealable closures to transparent windows, they help create a better customer experience.
  • Product Safety. The innovative design of stand up pouches allows for a safer packaging solution. Flexible packaging offers barrier control that keeps food fresher and protects against the elements during transportation and when sitting on the shelf.

Choose Dalipco Tech. for Your Product Sample Packaging

Flexible packaging, such as stand up pouches, offers many benefits that make it ideal for product sample packaging. From cost savings to added convenience and design opportunities, flexible packaging solutions help your brand in almost all aspects.

Dalipco Tech. is the expert in flexible product sample packaging and offers turn-key solutions for your business. Contact us to get started with your custom packaging solution today.