Single-Use Sachets/Packets for Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is convenient and effective in eliminating most of the bacteria, viruses, and other germs on your hands. To mitigate the risk of contracting harmful or deadly viruses and bacteria, consumer interest in solutions that allow them to carry sanitizer has risen dramatically. While hand sanitizer is often sold in bottles, this increased demand led to the development of smaller hand sanitizer pouches. These single-use sachets are easy to slip into a pocket, bag, or glovebox, guaranteeing convenient access when needed.

Small fill volume packaging offers a great opportunity for a company to offer branded hand sanitizer, either for sale or as a promotional or courtesy item. Dalipco Tech. is a premier provider of innovative packaging solutions, including custom-branded hand sanitizer pouches.

What is Hand Sanitizer and How Does it Work?

Hand sanitizer is typically a gel, liquid, or foam that you rub on your hands to remove pathogens. It’s a quick, simple way to disinfect your hands when soap and water aren’t available. There are two types of hand sanitizer on the market today: alcohol-based and alcohol-free.

  • Alcohol-free sanitizers may include disinfectants, such as benzalkonium chloride, or antimicrobial agents like triclosan.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers, which are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the prevention of disease, contain 60-95% alcohol. Other ingredients may include aloe or thickening agents. This alcohol concentration of at least 60% can immediately neutralize a variety of dangerous pathogens.

There are generic hand sanitizers available that are not associated with any specific brand or company. While the formulas are likely similar to any branded product in accordance with FDA guidelines for hand sanitizers, there’s currently substantial opportunity for companies to put their stamp on something people use every day. Branded hand sanitizer may be fully customized to feature a company’s name, logo, or any other preferred information.

The Advantages of Packaging Hand Sanitizers in a Sachet

Travel-sized bottles are useful, but hand sanitizer pouches have their own advantages:

  • Easy to carry. Small and compact, sachets fit easily into bags of all sizes, or even a pocket.
  • Easy to use. Simply tear open the sachet, use the sanitizer, and toss the package. Because it’s a “single serving”, users don’t run the risk of accidentally applying far more than they need or spilling the bottle. Hand sanitizer pouches are fuss-free and mess-free.  
  • Cost-effective. As a packaging solution, pouches are relatively inexpensive to produce and offer more value for customers.
  • Less waste.  A large bottle may go to waste if users can’t carry it with them, while a few packets will most likely be used or create very little waste if accidently lost or discarded.

Applications of Sachet Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer pouches are useful in a variety of industries, particularly as they come in various single-use sizes and shapes ranging from pouches to stick packs. Common applications include:

  • Airlines. Branded hand sanitizer sachets can be handed out as passengers are seated, before and after meals and snacks, and to refresh their hands during a long flight.
  • Hotels. Sachets can be included among the toiletries offered in each room, as well as at the desk and in conference rooms. Encourage guests to take some sachets for the road—and take your name with them.  
  • Restaurants. Sachets can be offered at ordering/pick-up counters and tables so guests can sanitize before they eat.
  • Hospitals. Hand sanitizer is a staple in any medical facility. Placing pump bottles at specific locations means the staff and the patients have to waste time travelling to the sanitizer station. This isn’t convenient for busy doctors and may not be possible for unwell or immobile patients. Hand sanitizer pouches can be easily carried around by doctors and nurses for their own use or to give to patients.

Companies in many industries are turning to branded hand sanitizer pouches as a simple and cost-effective marketing tool that conveniently allows clients and customers to protect themselves against germs and pathogens.

Dalipco Tech. offers reverse-printed graphics on various sizes of single-use pouch formats, including small fill volume sachets with spouts. Contact us to learn more about branded hand sanitizer pouches or request a quote for your business today.