Stand Up Pouches and Bags

Standup pouches and bags offer an ideal solution for shelf storage and displaying consumer products. In most cases, they make products more appealing to consumers by replacing cumbersome tins and cans.

This style of packaging is incredibly versatile and can be used to package a number of different types of materials, such as nutritional supplements, pet food, household chemicals, and much more. Depending on specific product needs, standup pouches and bags can often be used as a replacement for non-structured packaging.

At Dalipco Tech., we use standup pouches as a method of secondary packaging, making it easier to transport and display prepackaged items.

Applications (Industries)

The following industries frequently make use of standing pouches:

  • Food manufacturing. Stand up pouches and bags make it easy to display anything from frozen foods to snacks, spices, and dry ingredients.
  • Health and wellness. This industry often relies on stand up pouches for nutritional supplements, health foods, and creams or gels.
  • Manufacturing and assembly. Stand up pouches and bags are often used to store bulk powders in manufacturing and as secondary packaging during the kitting process
  • Pet care. This type of packaging is common for transporting and displaying pet food and treats.

Their versatility makes stand up bags and pouches perfect for packaging a number of different types of substances and products, including:

  • Free-flow and non-free-flow powders (i.e. powdered milk, brown sugar)
  • Granules (i.e. sugar)
  • Capsules (i.e. those used for nutritional supplements)
  • Lotions (i.e. moisturizers)
  • Gels (i.e. medicinal gels, cosmetic gels)

Features & Benefits

In addition to their appealing appearance, stand up pouches have a number of other benefits:

  • Easy display. The contents of stand up pouches can be easily and attractively displayed on shelves to catch the attention of consumers.
  • Optimized shelf space. Stand up pouches and bags consume less shelf space when compared to other common packaging options, such as cans.
  • Improved transportation. Using stand up pouches to consolidate prepackaged items makes them incredibly easy to transport.
  • Artistically versatile. This type of packaging can take on different designs and logos, making it easy to brand so it will stand out.
  • Fast production. We can fill and seal stand up pouches very efficiently, resulting in short turnaround times.
  • Convenience for the end user. Stand up pouches can be resealable, ensuring product freshness.
  • Sustainable. For greater environmental friendliness, stand up pouches and bags can be recyclable. They can also be made with sustainable materials, making them more appealing to many consumers.

This type of packaging is highly versatile, with a wide variety of features for any application:

  • When being used to store perishable goods, stand-up pouches can be manufactured with resealable zippers for increased freshness and longevity.
  • Gusseted bottoms enable the pouches to stand upright on shelves.
  • Depending on their intended application, stand up pouches can be produced in different shapes and sizes and may easily incorporate options like handles and spouts.
  • This packaging is available with transparent windows to display the products inside.
  • Hanger holes allow for greater versatility in display options.
  • Stand up pouches can be used with pressure-sensitive labels, making them easy to brand.
  • Organization is easier with embossed and hot stamp lot codes.
  • To protect your product from tampering and ensure peace of mind for your customers, stand up pouches can be manufactured with neck bands.

Working With Dalipco tech.

At Dalipco Tech., we work closely with our clients to test products for compatibility and develop unique packaging solutions that perfectly suit the goods they protect. Our packaging is highly versatile and can accommodate weights ranging from 1–4 pounds. Our facilities are FDA-approved and we can handle every step in the packaging process, including:

  • Graphic design. If you don’t have a separate graphic designer, we can point you in the right direction.
  • Labeling. We can get all your pouches labeled exactly the way you want them.
  • Filling. Our team will fill your packaging on site.
  • Logistics support. We can help customers with additional supply chain challenges, such as storage and inventory management.

To learn more about how we can fulfill your packaging needs,request your quote today. To ensure proper quoting, please make sure to provide us with the product type, quantity needed, relevant dimensions, packaging color requirements, and any special features such as hang holes, zippers, or notches.