Pet Food Packaging

Quality packaging has become essential over the years as consumers become more informed. They want to know the contents of their products, particularly with consumables. This trend holds true even in pet food packaging. Pet owners want to feel that the manufacturers care about the health of their pets.

New trends in packaging are helping to differentiate brands in the market by attracting consumers with on-shelf advertisement for their brand, mission, and values. Pet food packaging manufacturers have a unique opportunity to set their product apart from their competitors with packaging styles, colors, and features. When you work with Dalipco Tech., you’ll receive reliable, innovative packaging solutions.Contact us todayto find out more.

Pet Food Packaging Features

As the pet food market has grown, so have the options for packaging. Consumers have become weary of the conventional multi-walled paper bag; it’s difficult to open without tearing down the sides and equally challenging to reclose securely. Pet owners are concerned that the quality of the packaging affects the quality of the food.

Manufacturers have responded to these concerns, particularly with premium pet food brands, by adding new features to preserve pet food’s nutritional properties. Pet food packaging suppliers now incorporate some or more of the following elements in their pet food packaging:

  • Nutritional information: Highlighting the nutritional quality of food is an opportunity to use graphic features that grab the attention of consumers without them reading the labels in detail. Equally important as the wholesome ingredients that are included, these standout graphics can call out what undesirable elements are not in the food. 
  • Packaging closures: The responsive dog food bag manufacturer has implemented side and Velcro closures into packaging for maintaining freshness and nutritional quality. Not only are they easy to use, but they enhance food safety.
  • Convenient size: Dog treat packaging is made even more convenient with single-serving sizes. It is also being used for pet food as a convenience for travelers.
  • Sustainability: Recyclable or biodegradable pet food packaging is not just for human products. Consumers are increasingly concerned with environmental impacts of all packaging, as well as how that packaging affects the pet food contained within.

The Use of Pouches and Stand Up Bags in Pet Food Packaging

Stand up bags and pouches have become more popular for use with pet food. They present a cost-effective solution to reduce waste and increase profits through recycling. Dog food bag manufacturers can save shelf space, which reduces storage costs. The upright orientation also maximizes branding and graphic visibility while on the shelf. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Packaging Material

Choosing the right material for your dog treat packaging is about more than just securing the food. Important considerations that pet food packaging suppliers should keep in mind include:

  • Availability and cost of material: You’ll want to consider profitability as one of the factors in your material choice. Is it available and cost-effective in small batches as well as large ones? Can you get it when you need it throughout the year? 
  • Product security: Your packaging choice should ensure that it won’t crush or burst during transit. Also, consider tamper-proofing to give the consumer an additional level of confidence that the product is safe. 
  • Environmental friendliness: Aside from the environmental regulations in each country, you want to ensure that your packaging does not add greenhouse gas emissions. Consider using recyclable or biodegradable materials that will stand up to the local climate.
  • Branding: Keep branding in mind when choosing your packaging. It should not only remain consistent but should be easily visible while on the shelf.

Innovative and Effective Pet Food Packaging From Dalipco Tech. 

The pet food packaging industry’s evolution has prompted new expectations for consumers and shaped the designs introduced by pet food packaging manufacturers. At Dalipco Tech., we provide packaging solutions to help brand your pet food and keep it fresh. Find custom stand-up pouches, shaped pouches, and more for your pet food packaging needs. Contact us today to get started.